Wandering around Ha Tien Town
Update: May 20, 2009
Founded in the early eighteenth century, Ha Tien Town in Kien Giang Province is famous for its countless breathtaking landscapes, beautiful coastlines, cultural delights and historical significance. The town has attracted many poets and writers who go there to admire its scenic beauty, as well as local and foreign tourists on sight seeing, cruising, mountain climbing and camping tours.

Ha Tien is situated on the Gulf of Thailand, 8 kilometers from the Cambodian border. The town and its surrounding area are endowed with a cluster of landscapes called the Ten Sights by people in bygone days, including Dong Ho Lake, Binh San Mountain, Thach Dong Grotto, Hon Chong Islet, Mui Nai Beach and Giang Thanh River.

Standing on the
peak of Binh San Mountain, Ha Tien Town looks like a painting either at dawn or sunset. Visitors can catch a unique panorama with a magnificent view of Voi Phuc Mountain on one side and the immense crystal waters of the East Sea on the other.

Thach Dong Grotto is like a man-made carving masterpiece, with mysterious stalactites of many shapes and sizes inspiring the imagination of all who see them. Visitors to Ha Tien should be sure to add Hon Chong Islet, also called Phu Tu Islet, to their itineraries. Here on can get lost in the peace and tranquility of nature and hear the sounds of waves crashing onto the shore. Hang Pagoda, an ancient pagoda filled with legends, is near Hon Chong Islet.

Watching the sunset over Mui Nai Beach is another must-do. Mui Nai is one of Vietnam’s most popular beaches with clean water and endless white sand. As the sun sets blazing red rays at the end of the horizon shine on the surface of the ocean harmonious rippling waves.

On weekends Mui Nai is filled with tourists enjoying the immense territorial waters.

For a panoramic view of the sea Nai Vang Hill is an ideal choice. On the top of the hill, passers-by can contemplate the splendid landscape while enjoying a cup of coffee, talking with friends and even dancing as there is a dancing stage here. At night, one may stroll around Ha Tien markets, especially Dong Ho night market, to buy indigenous specialties. Dong Ho night market is always busy and is one of the most popular attractions of Ha Tien Town.

For coffee aficionados, Phuong Thanh Café is the place to appreciate a flavorful cup while enjoying the sweet melodies of swallows in harmony with folk songs. Many nests of swallows live in the roof of the coffee shop.

A tour of Ha Tien should always include the mausoleum of Mac Cuu, the founder of the area. Built 300 years ago, the mausoleum is located on a large hill surrounded by giant old trees, and the tombs of many of Mac Cuu’s family members are near the mausoleum. Carved figures of dragons, phoenixes, lions and guardians decorate all of the tombs.