Going back in time in Hoang Hoa Thon ancient village
Update: May 13, 2009
A unique ancient Vietnamese village has been recreated on Hon Tam Islet in the central coastal city of Nha Trang, filled with old houses with wells, lines of areca trees, hedges and bunches of banana trees covering walls; a sight that is usually seen inland. It is also the ideal place for tourists to learn more about Vietnamese culture and history.

Concern of an artist about ancient houses

The village of Hoang Hoa Thon was located in Phuoc Thuong Hamlet, Phuoc Dong Ward, Nha Trang City before being moved to the islet. The village belongs to 47 year old Nguyen Van Phung, who is famous nationwide for his talent of creating miniature mountains and typical landscapes of the country. Over the last seven years he has collected ancient houses as well as rocks and ornamental stones in many rural and mountainous areas to rebuild an ancient village on an area of over 400 square meters.

Some of the houses on Hoang Hoa Thon are over 100 years old. One in particular is over 200 years old and has a 36 pillar room with many tools and items that date back many years, such as rice peeling mortars, mantels lit by oil, tables, cupboards and pots.

While many local artists recognize Hoang Hoa Thon as a museum dedicated to the rural areas of central Vietnam, Phung said that he just wanted to preserve the old houses so future generations would know how their ancestors had lived, adding that today even in rural areas people rarely see tools like rice mortars and wooden mortar pestles or haystacks for cow and buffalo that were commonly used some decades ago.

Rebuilding an original

“Even though there were some difficulties moving Hoang Hoa Thon to the island and rebuilding it to its original state, Hon Tam tourist area decided it was important for foreign tourists to understand the traditional culture of the area” said Doan Van Trung, president and general director of Hon Tam Nha Trang Sea Joint Stock Company, which invested in the Hon Tam tourist site, adding that this feature distinguishes Hon Tam from other tourist sites which rely more on the fresh environment of Nha Trang Sea and other coastal destinations.

He also mentioned that Vietnamese overseas tourists who visit Hoang Hoa Thon would not only appreciate the peaceful scenery of countryside but would also hear the melodious monochord, flute and the singing of the spotted dove, which is difficult to find in other places.

Hoang Hoa Thon is a place where one can learn about Vietnamese culture and history through traditional folk festivals, such as the incense offering ceremony to Hai Thuong Lan Ong on Vietnam Doctor’s Day or Teacher’s Day. It is a village where outstanding artists are engaged in spinning silk, brocading on traditional Cham brocade looms and studying Bo singing and traditional songs.

Hoang Hoa Thon will be part of Vietnamese traditional history and culture, said Doan Van Trang.