Roof-like island waits for nature lovers to explore
Update: May 13, 2009
Cu Lao Mai Nha is a quiet island in the central coastal province of Phu Yen. It has unspoiled beaches and rocks in different shapes for sightseeing and photography.

Local people call the island Cu Lao Mai Nha for the simple reason that it looks like the roof of a house if it is viewed from afar. The attraction of the island lies not only in its name but also what can be found on and around it.

White-sand beaches can be seen from the inland part of An Hai Commune in Tuy An District. The more visitors approach Cu Lao Mai Nha, the more attractions they discover there.

Visitors can hire a fishing boat for a three-hour journey at around VND300,000. It takes less than half an hour to travel from the inland part to Cu Lao Mai Nha. Usually, the owner of the boat will dock at a longest beach of the island for guests to swim or dive to see coral reefs far from the shore, but this should be done at the end of the journey.

It is a good idea to ask the boat owner to make a cruise around. Rock cliffs carved and polished by the waves into different shapes and colors often arouse inspiration and curiosity among guests about how and when these were created.

The rocks look as if someone has skillfully arranged them because there are lines between them, like people of Egypt in the ancient time built the pyramids. But rocks and cliffs on and around Cu Lao Mai Nha have been laid naturally and beautifully by nature, making the stone wonders the center of great attractions to visitors.

For locals and people living near Phu Yen, the rocks serve as a base for fishing. On sunny weekends groups of fishermen often hire boats to go fishing on Cu Lao Mai Nha. They sit on the rocks for a day to fish as well as enjoy the pleasant sound of waves and freezes from the ocean.

After a trip around Cu Lao Mai Nha, the boat docks in front of the longest beach and guests are then transported by small bamboo boats to the shore. Good swimmers can see coral reefs at the seabed while swimming through a short distance from the boat to the shore.

The white-sand beach is not ideal for swimming as it does not slope gently, and there are sometimes seaweeds and dead corals on the seabed. However, it is safe to swim because the water is calm and clean.

There are just a few families living on the island who farm and breed cattle. They are hospitable and willing to provide visitors sheets free-of-charge to sit on or rest during their trip to the island.

As there is not any restaurant on Cu Lao Mai Nha, do not forget to bring food and water for eating and drinking when staying on the island.