Programme aims to bring 'bai choi' closer to young generation in Da Nang
Update: Dec 06, 2022
A group of students from the Da Nang FPT Polytechnic College have recently carried out a graduation project entitled ‘Bringing you back from the dream’, aiming to introduce their great passion for ‘bai choi’ and spread the cultural values of the folk art ​​to young people.

'Bai Choi' artistes participating in exchanges with students at the program 'Bringing you back from the dream'. Photo: Le Mai

The group members consist of Pham Minh Duc, Nguyen Ha Anh Thu, Le Xuan Vu, Nguyen Thi Le Hang, Tran Ngoc Hiep and Nguyen Thi Nga. All of them are final year students of class PR16301 majoring in PR and Events of the Faculty of Economics of the Da Nang FPT Polytechnic College.

Accordingly, the ‘Bringing you back from the dream’ programme has been a space synthesizing folklore forms. Visitors to the programme have had the opportunity to meet and interact with the ‘bai choi’ artistes, listen to ‘bai choi’ songs, and immerse themselves in the atmosphere of folk games in general.

Minh Duc, a group member, said that all of the group members are from the central province of Quang Nam, so they can absorb the culture of the central province.

“‘Bai choi’ in the current cultural picture has been somewhat inferior to the emergence of youthful and vibrant music and is afraid that one day it will disappear. And, that is the reason for us to decide to organise the ‘Bringing you back from the dream’ programme” Duc said.

The programme is also an opportunity for Duc and his friends to hone their event organization skills.

In addition to a wide range of fascinating cultural activities, the programme has featured a talk show with the participation of some famous ‘bai choi’ artistes, including Thanh Chau, Huyen Tan and Hoang Oanh, along with some members of the Han River Bai Choi Club.

Artistes Thanh Chau and Huyen Tan have many years of experience in the art of ‘bai choi’ and have actively participated in heritage conservation activities. Last year, they won a silver medal at the Folk Dance and Music Festival 2021. Both of them have showed their interest at receiving invitation to the programme.

“We are very happy and proud to talk and share with students and teachers about the heritage of ‘bai choi’. We are ready to pass on ‘bai choi’ to the younger generation so that together we can preserve and promote the intangible cultural heritage of humanity” Artiste Thanh Chau noted.

Mr. Nguyen Dinh An, Director of the Da Nang FPT Polytechnic College highlighted the professionalism of the programme. He added that the activities of the programme showed the students' dynamism, creativity and great sense of preserving the national culture.

The name of the programme ‘Bring me back from the dream’ comes from the group members’ dream of bringing Bai Choi closer to the younger generation.

The group members plan to expand the scale of the programme to the ancient town of Hoi An in Quang Nam Province with the desire to help students nationwide to promote their love for the folk art of ‘bai choi’.

Reporting by Le Mai - Translating by M.Dung

Da Nang Today - - December 2, 2022