Muong Thanh hosts North-Western culture festival
Update: Mar 22, 2018
An event featuring north-western cuisine and culture is taking place at Muong Thanh hotels nationwide and in Laos.

Tet Muong Thanh, is organised during the month of March at the chain of Muong Thanh hotels as a response to the signature spring festival of Dien Bien Province, or Hoa Ban Festival, which takes place on March 17-19. March is the time orchids and peach blossom everywhere in the north-western region. Ethnic people living in the region organise many festivals to pray for good health and prosperity.

Attending Tet Muong Thanh festivals, customers will have a chance to enjoy unique cuisine such as wild vegetables, dried buffalo meat and xoi ngu sac (five coloured sticky rice); try Thai traditional costumes; and join mua sap tinkling dance. It’s a traditional Thai dance, which involves two people or more beating, tapping bamboo poles against two poles on the ground and against each other.