Suoi Mo Historical Area

Location: Mo Spring winds through a valley between Huyen Dinh and Yen Tu mountains belonging to Nghia Phuong Commune, Luc Nam District, Bac Giang Province; about 90km from Hanoi and 40km from Bac Giang City.
Characteristics: In 1988, Mo Spring was recognized by the Ministry of Culture and Information as a historical relic.

Due to geological tectonics, there appeared many large stones of different shapes. These stones are placed in tiers to make different levels of slopes within the stream bed, which results in various falls of different sizes. As results, many natural bath tubs have been formed. Along both sides of the stream are luxuriant trees looking into the clear water.


There are Suoi Mo Temples consist of Den Thuong (upper temple), below along the spring are Den Trung (middle temple) and Den Ha (lower temple) which were built during Le Dynasty. The temple has been used for worshiping the Holy Mother of the top mountain called Que My Nuong. It is believed that she was the daughter of the 16th Hung King.

Close to Mo Spring are Ho Bac Pagoda, the area of 3 palaces and 7 foundations, Tran Temple, horse race ground, Xoan Communal House, Cong Xanh and Tro temples. Most special is Mo Spring Festival held annually on the 1st day of the fourth lunar month.