Bac Kan

Area: 4,859.4 sq. km.
Population: 313.1 thousand habitants (2015).
Capital: Bac Kan City.
Districts (7): Ba Be, Ngan Son, Cho Don, Na Ri, Cho Moi, Bach Thong, Pac Nam.
Ethnic groups: Viet (Kinh), Tay, H'Mong, Dao...



Bac Kan is a mountainous province, sharing its border with Cao Bang Province to the north, Tuyen Quang Province to the west, Lang Son Province to the south-east, and Thai Nguyen Province to the south. The topography is mainly midland, mountainous. The province has a complex network of rivers and springs.

Climate: There are two seasons: dry and cold lasts from April to October and hot and rainy from November to December. The cold season lasts longer in the north region. The annual average temperature is 25oC. The annual rainfall is about 1,400mm - 1,800mm. The weather has drizzling rain and high humidity in March, April and August.


Ba Be Lake (Bac Kan Province)


Bac Kan has natural of mineral and forest, especially primitive forests with rich of flora and faune. Aside that, natural gives the province many interesting sights such as Ba Be National Park, Dau Dang Waterfall, Ba Be Lake, Puong Cave. Bac Kan used to be a cradle of Viet Nam revolution so it has many revolutionary relics as ATK in there.

Bac Kan is famous for Ba Be Lake Spring Festival with many rituals and activities as boat racing, wrestling, dancing, nem con (con throwing). The festival attracts a lot of people around the region.



Bac Kan City is 168km from Ha Noi. It is located on the Ha Noi - Cao Bang inter-provincial N°. 3.


Nui Hoa Hotel

Add: 5 Alley 9, Truong Chinh St., Bac Kan City

Tel: (84-209) 3880 789

Huong Son Hotel

Add: Song Cau Ward, Bac Kan City

Tel: (84-209) 3870 375

Phja Bjooc Hotel

Add: Cho Ra Town, Ba Be Dist.

Tel: (84-209) 3876 250/ 3876 123

Ba Be National Park Guest-house

Add: Ba Be National Park, Nam Mau Commune, Ba Be Dist.

Tel: (84-209) 3894 026

Thanh Mai- Boong Hay Restaurant

Add: Group 11A, Duc Xuan Ward, Bac Kan City

Tel: (84-209) 3810 868

Tam Cuong Restaurant

Add: Group 1, Song Cau Ward, Bac Kan City

Tel: (84-209) 3871 288

La Co Restaurant

Add: Group 5, Phung Chi Kien Ward, Bac Kan City

Tel: (84-209) 3870 953

Minh Ngoc Restaurant

Add: Nga Ba St., Phu Thong Town, Ba Be Dist.

Tel: (84-209) 3850 800