Cua Lo Beach

Location: Cua Lo Town, Nghe An Province, 18km to the northeast of Vinh City.

Characteristics: Cua Lo is one of the most beautiful beachs in the North Central and attracts a lot of visitors during summer holidays.


Cua Lo is one of the beautiful beaches in North Central region with over 10km-long coastline, smooth white sand, blue seawater, moderate salinity and green casuarina tree rows. Cua Lo owns 3 beaches of Lan Chau, Xuan Huong and Song Ngu attracting a lot of visitors to rest, sea bath every year.


Tourism Activities

Visitors should get up early to greet dawn in Cua Lo Beach and admire the fanciful beauty of clouds, sky and sea; watch returning to mainland of cuttlefish fishing boats and busy trade scenery of fishermen.


The main tourism season of Cua Lo often starts on the occasion of 30 April – 1 May and ends the late September.



To Cua Lo, visitors can enjoy the typical seafood specialties of Nghe An, such as crab steamed with tamarind, oyster porridge, eel porridge, flashing cuttlefishes...; and participate in sports activities of surfing, beach volleyball, jet skiing... and the unique festivals.


By night, visitors can join in fishing flashing cuttlefishes – a specialty of Cua Lo with transparent body and flashing phosphorescent spots.


Cua Lo Festival

The most typical festival in Cua Lo is Cua Lo Tourism Festival held annually from 29 April to 1 May with many excellent activities of culture, sports and tourism.

Vinpearl Cua Hoi Resort

Add: Binh Minh St., Cua Lo town

Sai Gon - Kim Lien Resort

Add: 80 Binh Minh St., Cua Lo Town

Tel: (84-238) 3952 899

Muong Thanh - Cua Lo Hotel

Add: 232 Binh Minh City, Cua Lo Town

Tel: (84-238) 3948 666

Green Hotel Cua Lo

Add: Binh Minh St., Cua Lo City

Tel: (84-238) 3949 595

Pacific Hotel

Add: 226 Binh Minh St., Cua Lo City

Tel: (84-238) 3824 301/ 3824 302

Cong Doan Cua Lo restaurant

Add: 206 Binh Minh St., Cua Lo Town

Tel: (84-238) 3824 176/ 3824 550

Hoa Bien Cua Lo restaurant

Add: 98 Binh Minh St., Cua Lo Town

Tel: (84-238) 3955 777