Phu Yen: Promote the value of cultural heritage and socio-eco development
Update: Jun 14, 2024
The delegation of the National Cultural Heritage Council, led by Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Kim, Vice Chairman of the Council, worked with Phu Yen People's Committee leaders on the conservation and promotion of provincial cultural heritage values.

The PPC organizing the first flag ceremony in Mui Dien area (Dong Hoa Town), the place to welcome the first glow of dawn on the Vietnam mainland, attracting a large number of tourists and people to participate

Currently, the province has 119 ranked relics, including 2 special national relics, 21 national relics, and 96 provincial relics. There are 6 heritages included in the national intangible cultural heritage list.

The ranked relics are invested in renovation, embellishment, and promotion of values to serve socio-eco development. Some relics have become a destination, attracting a large number of tourists and becoming Phu Yen tourism symbols, such as: Da Dia Reef scenic spot, Bai Mon - Dai Lanh cape, Nhan tower, Vung Ro...

Intangible cultural heritages such as Bai chii, double-drum, triple-gong, and five-gongs are held regularly to serve the cultural and spiritual lives of people and visitors.

At the meeting, the province proposed that the National Council of Cultural Heritage consider and comment on the dossier to request the classification of the Vung Ro No-number Vessel as a special national relic and the recognition of the Kala Relief as a national treasure.

The Vung Ro relic is historical evidence of the bravery and heroic fighting spirit of the Vietnam People's Navy, the army, and the people of Phu Yen for the cause of national liberation. This is a red address of patriotism education and the tradition of revolutionary struggle for all classes of people.

KaLa relief is a stone sculpture of Cham Pa culture, is an original and unique artifact, discovered in 1993, in the archaeological excavation pit of Ba Moutain tower ruins (Hoa Phong commune, Tay Hoa district), is currently preserved and displayed at Phu Yen Museum. This is a typical and unique sculpture from the 14th century, displaying the Cham Pa style of stone carving.

Addressing the meeting, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Kim, Vice Chairman of the National Council of Cultural Heritage, said that Phu Yen province needs to make good use of tangible and intangible heritages to promote the socio-eco development of the locality and promote the science and technology application to promote the value of cultural heritage, thereby creating more attraction and attracting visitors and tourism.

After examining the recommendations from the experts of the National Council of Cultural Heritage, the PPC Vice Chairman Dao My wished that after the working trip and survey of relics and cultural heritage in Phu Yen, the National Council of Cultural Heritage would continue to pay attention to and advise the province in the conservation and promotion of the value of national relics and national relics especially associated with provincial tourism development in the coming time.

Translated by Hai Loan

Phu Yen News - - June 13, 2024