Ninh Thuan sea: “Mediterranean of Asia”
Update: Jun 07, 2023
(TITC) - The monthly Singaporean magazine Prestige published a review of Editor Yanni Tan about her travel experience journey in Ninh Thuan Province (South Central Coast Region of Vietnam) and her deep impression with the beauty of Ninh Thuan beach, crafted luxury of a resort, and splendours of a protected reserve unlike any other.

Despites several things Yanni Tan imagined on the way to Ninh Thuan, from swaying coconut trees, lounger-studded beaches, tourist hordes and bustling local businesses; Ninh Thuan appears as a jaw-droppingly stunning destination. After passing through a gently winding road cut into hilly terrain and an idyllic landscape that alternates between rice paddies, flooded river systems, and small, sleepy seafront villages with modern fishing operations and neatly docked boats, the full glory of Vinh Hy Bay is revealed. Mesmerising turquoise waters lapping onto pristine beaches in numerous deserted bays and coves, this is the Mediterranean of Asia, affirmed Yanni Tan.

Vinh Hy Bay (Photo: Ninh Thuan Provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism)

With tranquillity and authenticity, time seems to stand still in Ninh Thuan -  A spotless, noiseless and picture perfect place in Vietnam.

Nature calls

According to Tan, the unusual endemic vegetation and rocky landscape are her biggest first impressions when coming to Ninh Thuan.

Being the driest South  Central Coast of Vietnam, Ninh Thuan has a year-round hot and sunny weather.

Ninh Thuan’s Sea routes (Photo: Ninh Thuan Provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism)

The most pleasant time to visit Ninh Thuan is from November to April, when the weather is cool, dry breezes and sun is blazing rays. It is also the perfect time to enjoy the stalk azure-blue sky and mesmerised emerald beaches in Ninh Thuan.

Tan went to Vinh Hy Bay on a speedboat to fully admire the views of one of the most beautiful bays in Vietnam. With the backdrop of Nui Chua National Park - UNESCO’s biosphere reserve shelters 765 animal species, of which 46 are on the Red List of the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

After a healthy lunch in a set-up tent, Tan took a dip in the sea and had a chance to see two fishermen in a traditional round basket boat typical of Vietnam’s southern and central coast, manoeuvring the tiny vessel in a straight line and bending over its edge for their catch.

Nui Chua National Park (Photo:

The next morning, Tan woke up early to catch the sunrise. She gave a tip to wear a phone on a strap around the neck to snap some memorable sights on the way.

Gastronomic immersion

Tan was given a cook book of 12 recipes since according to Tan, she is fancy talking about food than preparing it. “Vietnamese cuisine has always intrigued me”, said Tan. During her stay, Tan had tried several dishes in Ninh Thuan, such as: banh cuon (delicate rice rolls); banh can (the province’s speciality of traditional mini rice pancakes); the coconut milk-stewed banana; sweet soups featuring succulent sweet potato, yam and lotus seeds; Vietnamese filtered coffee.

At dinner, the editor was treated with a claypot of braised pork belly and fish, and a soupy yellow curry made with a native species of mountain lamb.

Regarding the accommodation of the Prestige’s editor, Amanoi. It took Tan a short transit flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Cam Ranh Airport and another 75 minutes driving to Amanoi. Her room’s décor was described as contemporary, elegant and restful The resort provides a holistic, wellness-focused rest and relax. There is a weekly roster of complimentary wellness activities, held at Aman Spa’s outdoor pavilion, that includes hatha yoga, stretching, breathing exercises, mat pilates and a cardio-strength training boot camp. Additional naturopathic, healing, sleep meditation and acupuncture therapies by an in-house expert are also available. A retreat can also be customised to your needs. Other services provided in Amanoi include: Massage; wellness pool villas where hydrotherapy, Moroccan hamman and Banya (Russian steam bath) facilities, skincare, etc. Last but not least, “Pricing for F&B at Amanoi is very reasonable, and would match what you pay dining out in Singapore” said Tan.

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