Quang Ninh: Ha Long city towards sustainable development
Update: Mar 20, 2023
Ha Long city is set to become a civilised and friendly tourist and service urban area, a world-class national service and tourism hub with modern and synchronous socio-economic infrastructure, said Secretary of the Ha Long Party Committee Vu Van Dien.

Ha Long city is set to be a political, administrative, economic, and cultural hub of the province.

According to the newly-approved master plan on Ha Long city till 2040, Ha Long city is set to be a political, administrative, economic, and cultural hub of the province. It is also part of the expanded dynamic urban area of Ha Long, Cam Pha, Quang Yen, Uong Bi, and Dong Trieu.

This is the comprehensive and multi-industry hub of the province, with tourism, service, processing, hi-tech, mining, seaport, and clean energy as the core industries. The development of Ha Long is of utmost importance for the overall development of the province.

At the conference on annoucing this master plan, Acting Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Cao Tuong Huy said during 2022-2025, the city will complete urban infrastructure system, embark on green urban development integrated with smart city model, complete the construction of transport routes and tourism infrastructure.

During 2025-2030, the focus will be on improving the quality of the coastal space, completing the construction of coastal roads, public and coastal tourism areas.

From 2031-2040, there will be a greater connectivity with neighbouring areas such as Uong Bi and Cam Pha cities, Quang Yen town to create a harmonious development space in the principle of preserving and upholding the values of Ha Long Bay.

Rising next to Ha Long Bay, which has twice been included in UNESCO’s World Heritage list, Ha Long is a standout tourism city in northern Vietnam with modern infrastructure, stunning natural scenery, and steady socio-economic development. 

By Do Phuong

VOV - english.vov.vn - March 17, 2023