Over 5,000 Vietnamese accommodations receive Booking.com’s sustainability badge
Update: Nov 21, 2022
Digital travel platform Booking.com has granted its Travel Sustainable badge to 5,093 accommodations in Vietnam since the launch of the programme one year ago.

A sustainable accommodation in Da Nang, Vietnam. (Photo: Booking.com)

The programme was introduced in 2021 to provide travellers with transparent and credible information to make more mindful choices for their trips, according to Booking.com.

A report released by the travel website in April showed that sustainable travel has become a new trend all over the world, including in Vietnam, during the post-pandemic period.

Specifically, 96% of surveyed Vietnamese travellers responded that they want to travel more sustainably, while 93% said that they would be more likely to choose a sustainable accommodation, whether they were looking for one specifically or not.

Aware of the trends, accommodations in Vietnam have been renovated to meet the criteria of an environmentally-friendly accommodation.

Statistics by Booking.com shows that Vietnam ranks 5th in the Asia-Pacific in terms of the largest number of accommodations with the Travel Sustainable badge, behind India, Australia, Indonesia and Thailand.

Globally, the leaders are Italy, France, Germany, Spain, the US, Brazil, India, the UK, Greece and Poland.

NDO - en.nhandan.vn - November 18, 2022