InterNations: Expats find it easy to settled in Vietnam
Update: Jul 21, 2022
84% of expats around the world who take part in the annual Expat Insider survey are satisfied with life in Vietnam. Vietnam placed 7th out of 52 Best places to live for foreigners in 2022, up 3 places compared to last year in the same annual survey of the InterNations.
A corner of Ho Chi Minh City
According to the report Expat Insider 2022 of InterNations, the survey results showed that Mexico, Indonesia, Taiwan (China), Portugal, Spain, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Vietnam, Thailand, Australia and Singapore are the best destinations for expats in 2022.
Thereby, since 2014, InterNations has requested expats from around the world to take part in the annual Expat Insider survey. This survey basically covers virtually every aspect of the expat experience, allowing them to share their personal experiences and thoughts on life abroad: Best & Worst places for expats, Quality of Life, Ease of Settling in, Working Abroad, Personal Finance, Expat Essentials, Survey Demographics and Methodology.
This year, nearly 12,000 respondents shared what it’s like living and working far from home. The participants come from 177 nationalities and live in 181 countries or territories.
Expat Insider survey results show that Vietnam ranks 7th out of 52 countries and territories as the best destination for expats. (Source: InterNations)
The result shows that 84% of respondents are satisfied with life in Vietnam.
The warm welcoming, friendliness of local people are exclusive factors that make foreigners living in Vietnam feel at home. Accordingly, Vietnam ranks 9th out of 52 countries on the Ease of Settling In Index. Most of the foreigners (84%) said that Vietnamese people are friendly (compared to 66% globally), including 83% of foreigners feel welcome in this country and 71% of people feel at home here.
“The warmth, honesty, and friendliness of the people” are what US American enjoys most about life in Vietnam, while a Malaysian expat highlights “the people and the friendly culture”.
Easy to create a personal network is another bonus point when living in Vietnam. Expats ranked Vietnam among the top 10 in the Finding Friends Subcategory (7th), saying it is easy to make local friends (54% happy vs. 42% globally). Over ⅔ (69%) are happy with their social life, compared to 56% globally.
Regarding Personal Finances, the majority of expats (80%) is happy with the general cost of living, compared to only 45% globally. “There are affordable prices in almost all areas”, reported a Swiss expat. Vietnam is ranked 1st in the list.
However, there are still a number of factors that foreigners found unease when living in Vietnam such as Healthcare system, Transit & Language, Administration, Environmental issues,... These are the factors that Vietnam needs to improve in the coming time.
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