Strengthening Vietnam - Laos cooperation in culture, sports and tourism
Update: Jul 22, 2022
On July 19, Mr. Nguyen Van Hung - Vietnam's Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism had a meeting with Mrs. Suansavanh Viyaketh – Lao’s Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism aiming enhancing cooperation in culture, sports and tourism, promoting the relationship to deepen and reach new heights.
Overview of meeting. Photo TITC
The meeting was held on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations and the 45th year of the signing of the Vietnam – Laos Treaty of Amity and Cooperation.
Lao Minister Suansavanh Viyaketh thanked Vietnam for its sincere and great help with Laos. She said it is a good opportunity to implement the cooperation agreement of Vietnam – Laos in 2021-2025 period.
Vietnamese Minister Nguyen Van Hung hoped that in addition to organizing programs such as the cultural weeks that the two countries are doing, the cultural exchange must be spread wider and deeper, reaching to localities. People in each locality become the host of cultural exchange activities. Especially the localities of Vietnam and Laos share border.
Regarding training high-quality human resources in the field of culture and tourism, he suggested that the Lao’s Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism could coordinate to send more Lao students to Vietnam for training, not only under the Government's scholarship but also as international students.
Emphasizing the historical value of the legendary Ho Chi Minh Road, the legendary Truong Son, Minister Nguyen Van Hung suggested recognizing the Ho Chi Minh road in Laos as a Lao’s national monument in order to affirm the value of the road, contribute to honor and educate the traditional relationship of Vietnam and Laos.
He also said that Vietnam will coordinate and give its best support for Laos to build a dossier to submit UNESCO recognizing Hin Nam No as a world natural heritage of Laos.
Expressing agreement with the exchange ideas of Minister Nguyen Van Hung, Lao Minister Suansavanh Viyaketh believes that preserving and embellishing cultural values is a very important and vital issue for each country, and at the same time, culture is also an important source for tourism development. Lao Government will try to find investment sources for human resource training.
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Laos is in the list of top 15 markets of Vietnam's tourism. Vietnam is the second largest tourist destination of Laos. In the coming time, the two countries will coordinate and implement measures to restore tourism cooperation post Covid-19.
Two sides agreed to strengthen coordination in development of tourism products; joining tourism promotion fairs; implementing promotion campaigns; connecting world heritage sites of Vietnam and Laos; co-organize programs to introduce Vietnam - Laos in some key tourism markets.
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